Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa, bora bora lagoon resort, bora bora lagoon resort all inclusive

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort - Located in the middle of Bora Bora's majestic lagoon, the resort has eye-catching views of Mount Otemanu. It takes a 15-minute boat ride from Bora Bora airport to the hotel and approximately a 5-minute boat ride to Vaitape, Bora Bora's main village with shops, offices, banks, schools and eating places. 

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa - Included in 'The World's Best Place to Stay' Gold list 2008, this club resort provides various types of bungalows, including 6 overwater end of pontoon bungalows, 44 overwater bungalows, 3 1-bedroom Motu suites, 22 Motu bungalows, 1 2-bedroom villa, as well as a range of honeymoon packages. Facilities include a currency exchange, bar, restaurant and Internet access. Guests can also take advantage of the room and laundry services on offer. Each unit is furnished in authentic local style. Each bungalow offers air conditioning, an en suite bathroom with a shower and a bath, hairdryer, minibar, personal safe, TV, and iron and ironing board. 

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort all Inclusive - A direct dial telephone and tea and coffee making facilities are also provided. The hotel offers various types of water sports including waterskiing, jet skiing, diving, motor boating, catamaran boating and canoeing. Day cruises, cultural events, sea excursions, land excursions, and tours of local attractions are also on offer. Furthermore, guests can take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool and work out in the gym. They can also book themselves in for a massage treatment or play a game of tennis. Dining in the resort's restaurant is offered with stunning views of Mount Otemanu. American Express, JCB, MasterCard and VISA are accepted as methods of payment at this hotel. 

Bora Bora Black Pearls

Bora Bora Black Pearls, Souvenirs from bora bora

Bora Bora Black Pearls, Commonly known around the world as black pearls, the pearls of Tahiti are indigenous to the remote lagoons of French Polynesia in the South Pacific.

Legend has it that the pearl oyster, Te Ufi was offered to man by Oro, the god of peace and fertility, who came down to earth on a rainbow. Some say that Oro offered the pearl front this oyster to the beautiful princess of Bora Bora as a sign of his eternal love.

Souvenirs from bora bora, The scientific term for Te Ufi left is Pinctada margaritifera, most commonly known as the black lipped oyster. In the 19th century, its shell, like that of many oysters, was in great demand by the European button industry. As a result, commercial shell harvesting operations by local and foreign entities took place annually in the lagoons of Tuamotu and Gambier, two of the five archipelagoes that make up French Polynesia.

In the days of such lucrative shell harvesting, one would have to open more than 15,000 oysters before finding a natural pearl.

So even before the secret of pearl cultivation was discovere

The most famous of these natural black pearls was called "Azra". It was the centerpiece of a necklace that was part of the Russian crown jewels.

The Quality of Tahitian Pearls

At the producers' stage, quality evaluation is based solely on size, shape and quality. However, when Tahitian cultured pearls enter the wholesale trade pipeline further evaluation and pricing will be based on the demand of the consumer, the rarity of the size, shape and color of the pearl and the final destination of the pearl.

Generally large, rounder pearls which exhibit a high luster with few flaws will still command the most premium prices. In addition, special pearl colors such as peacock, aubergine and pistachio will carry a premium price because of their rarity.
d, the Tahitian pearl had earned a reputation for value and rarity. This reputation was further enhanced by its use in the jewelry of the world's royalty and nobility. Soon the Tahitian pearl became known as the "pearl of queens and queen of pearls".

Bora Bora Pictures

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Bora Bora pictures:

Best Of Bora Bora

Best Of Bora Bora For the visitor, the colorful and majestic setting of Bora Bora offers unlimited possibilities:
- Enchantment from the turquoise lagoon with unending days of snorkeling and diving in the clearest and warmest water in the world.
- Excitement above the waters by canoe, HobbyCat, wave runner, parasail, and nightly sunset sails.
- Exploration of the panoramic overlooks found on a 4x4 safari.
- Discovery of the world-renowned shopping for original art, pearls, and handcrafts.
Bora Bora island:
Villa Mahana - arguably the best food on the Island. Located in a private villa, the ambiance is beautiful and romantic. There are five tables on the main level, and two tables up a few stairs that get reserved early. Your host, Chef Damien Rinaldi, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere serving outstanding French cuisine with Asian and Polynesian influences. The restaurant features ala carte dining, as well as, two prixe fix menus nightly. We highly recommend the "Discovery Menu" where you will have the opportunity to indulge in all of his latest creations. Save this restaurant experience for your last night in Bora Bora, as once you have dined here, nothing else can compare.
All the resorts have excellent restaurants offering great views and upscale gourmet fare.  It's well worth trying other resorts dinner options.  We recommend the restaurant at the St Regis, the Intercontinental Thalasso, the Four Seasons or the Intercontinental Le Moana.  Ask your front desk to make reservations for you.

Fare Manuia – 5 min. walk from the Intercon Moana Beach (Matira), nice place, intimate, top rate food with reasonable prices.
    Top Dive - Upscale/fancy restaurant, romantic, good to excellent food, very expensive.
    Bloody Mary’s - Fun casual ambiance, Ok food and service, very touristy, and expensive.
    La Bounty - casual outdoor dining, rated very well on most forums.
    Pirate Bar – on the water, occasional Manta Ray viewing, nice atmosphere, reasonable prices.
    Bamboo House - nice relaxed ambiance, mixed reviews.
    Snack Matira - sandwiches, burgers, fries, etc.
    Ben’s Pizza - pizza, burgers, fries, etc. Open until 5:00 pm.
    Restaurant Patoti - snacks, burgers, fries, and also serves a variety of fish, steak, duck, and desserts.
    Kaina Hut :
    The Snack Matira Beach - Close to the Hotel Matira. Can be accessed from the road or from the beach. Good breakfasts for reasonable prices. Decent Ham and Cheese omelets for less than 1000cfp. They also serve lunch and dinner. Cheeseburger and fries is 1300cfp.
    L'Appetisserie: In the back of the main little shopping center in town (Vaitape) - good little sandwiches and snacks, croissants, ice cream, and a few computers to check your E-Mail. Serves beer and wine.
    Snack Bora Burgers - Next to post office; small fast food place; has good burgers and fries as well as croque-monsieur

Shark and Ray Feeding - Tevia Tours, Taremoana Tours, and Patrick’s among others, any hotel or travel agent can book them.
4x4 Island Tour- Patrick’s among others.
Private Picnic - Etienne’s Tour, Patrick’s, or Keishi Tour will arrange these outings. I highly recommend Keishi (ask for Pierrot, Phone 79 26 56). He sets up a table in the lagoon water next to a private Motu. Lunch features Lobster, Crab, Steak, Chicken, Fruit and Champagne. Snorkeling around the Island, Shark and Ray Feeding, Manta Ray viewing and whatever else your heart desires. These run around $500.00 for two, plus $100.00 for each additional person. The operator will usually pick you up at your hotel around 9:30am and drop you off at 3:00pm.
Patrick’s tour is also very nice. He serves a traditional Tahitian feast of foods cooked in an ahima'a (underground oven). Meals consist of roast pig, breadfruit, plantains, taro leaves, and the ever present poisson cru. Patrick is from Bora Bora and is a gracious host.
HorseBack Riding - Ranch Reva Reva, on private Motu for Beach and interior ride.
Bora Bora Lagoonarium - next to Le Meridian, swim with the sharks and many other sea creatures, can also purchase a movie of you swimming with the Sharks.
Sunset Cocktail Cruise - aboard the “Taravana” with Captain Richard, sails from many of the hotels, can be booked through your hotel or travel agent.
Boat rentals – based at Matira Beach near Le Matai, small aluminium boats with 6 hp - no permit required, larger boat (15 hp) requires a boat license.  Also a taxi service to and/or from any place on the Island (Phone (689) 67.60.61 ). Renting a small boat is a great way to see the lagoon at your own pace. You can rent 4 hours or day.  But watch for the shallow coral heads.
Parasailing – Bora Bora Parasailing, offers single and double person rides, no age limit. Contact Bora Bora Tel/ Fax: (689) 67 70 34 , cell: 78 27 10
JetSki: Milki Miki Tours - leave everyday at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm from Matira.  Two hour tours are $187.00 US dollars. You will be with a guide.
Book from your hotel room by calling (689) 67.76.44

Black Pearls - many places around the Island, rent a FunCar and shop around.
Souvenirs and Shops - the Flea Market Building near the wharf in Vaitape. Tiare Market, turn left out of the Sofitel Marara, it’s about a five-minute walk. China Lee Market in Viatape. O.P.E.C., on the road from Viatape to Matira Point. Boutique Fareani north of the ICB, it sells ice cream bars and nick knacks.

Bora Bora island vacation

Bora Bora island vacation,Bora Bora island vacation packages,Bora Bora island vacations all inclusive

Bora Bora island vacation - So much has been written and yet it is hard to find the right words to describe the magic that emanates from this island. The most mythical of the Pacific islands, Bora Bora remains the island of all reveries and dreams.

Seen from the air, it has been compared to "a tiny emerald in a setting of turquoise, encircled by a sheltering necklace of sparkling pearls".

Bora Bora island vacation packages - The airport for Bora Bora, built by US forces in 1942, is located on a lush, palm fringed motu about 20 minutes by boat from the main village of Vaitape. Another remenant of the US presence are 2 large cannons hidden in the green hills overlooking the lagoon.

Bora Bora island vacations all inclusive - The view of the main island from the airport is truly breathtaking, and as you travel across the spectacular lagoon, you will soon understand why it is the main area of attraction for all who come here.

Bora Bora itself is rather small and can be traveled by car in about an hour.

The lagoon is 3 times the size of the land mass and offers an amazing range of hues of blue and turquoise as you navigate its pure, transparent waters.

Most of the temples (Marae) were destroyed during the last century by the English missionaries, and unfortunately, there are few archeological features left.

To the southeast of the island is the Coral Garden, a natural underwater park where you will find a spellbinding world of fish and coral.

And off Point Matira you will visit waters where the huge and graceful manta rays congregate for your viewing pleasure. There are other types of rays such as the beautiful spotted ray and the friendly gray ray which love to be petted during the "ray feeding" excursions.
At the entrance of the pass, the "White Valley" teems with gray sharks and barracudas in a never ending ballet.

Bora Bora offers an terrific selection of activities and excursions for honeymooners and vacationers. One of the most popular is shark feeding, where from chest-deep water, you can see local divers feed by hand 4' to 5' reef sharks or a large group of friendly gray rays. It's a lot of fun and totally safe.

Another favorite Bora Bora excursion is the Circle-The-Lagoon with Motu Picnic. You can also rent a small boat, visit the Lagoonarium near Le Meridien Hotel, and take a 4x4 excursion to dramatic panoramic vistas and the US cannon sites on Mount Otemanu.

Most of the recent hotel/resorts have been built on islands (motu) in the lagoon surrounding Bora Bora.  They generally face into the lagoon and the mountains of Bora Bora and offer privacy, pristine water, and extraordinary views.

Bora Bora was the first ever to offer over-the-water bungalows over 30 years ago, beginning at Hotel Bora Bora.  With a few exceptions, this unique accommodation is still found only in French Polynesia where there are protected lagoons and very even tides.

Bora Bora Pearl

Bora Bora Pearl,Bora Bora Pearl beach resort,Bora Bora Pearl beach resort & spa
The Bora Bora Pearl Resort is situated on motu Te Vairoa, a 10 minute boat ride from Bora Bora airport and a 15 minutes ride to Vaitape, the main town of Bora Bora across the lagoon.
The hotel provides frequent and free shuttle to the main island. Late pickup from town can be arranged.
The hotel has 50 overwater bungalows, 10 beach suites and 20 Garden Suites.

All the bungalows were remodeled in 2006 and feature A/C.

Garden Pool Suites & Premium Garden Pool Suites - Fashioned after a traditional Polynesian "fare" or home and the largest of the resort’s accommodations, each suite features a private enclosed tropical garden and courtyard, private plunge pool, and covered veranda. A charming open air shower surrounded by enclosed tropical gardens is integrated into the bathroom and vanity areas.

Beach Suite - Large windows afford guests awe-inspiring views of the surrounding white sandy beaches and sparkling lagoon waters. Step outside to enjoy the beaches at your doorstep or take pleasure in your privately enclosed garden fully equipped with a full size Jacuzzi, terrace and sundeck.

Overwater Bungalows - With spectacular views of the surrounding lagoons and mountain peaks, each bungalow offers a large terrace with 2 lounge chairs, a smaller sundeck with fresh water shower, as well as, private ladder access to the lagoon below. You can enjoy viewing the aquatic life below your bungalow from a glass coffee table which slides open so that you may feed the fish below! A private vanity area, separate walk-in shower, and large built in bathtub surrounded by glass which will give you the view of the lagoon underneath, are the highlights of the bungalow’s large bathroom.

Premium Overwater Bungalows - Featuring bungalows with locations farthest from the shore with the best unobstructed views and most privacy.

Other amenities and services in the bungalows include: Air conditioning, international direct telephone, television, radio, tea and coffee making facilities, hair dryer, ceiling fans, mini-bar, desk area, individual safe, and a large sofa which can be converted into a bed for a third person.


Bora Bora Ibiza first opened its doors in summer 1986 and rapidly became one the most cosmopolitan and famous beach clubs in the world.
Bora Bora had all the keys for success. The Beach club grew firstly as the after hours from Space and over the years hundreds and thousands of people have come to experience dancing on the beach in the sun.

Some of the most famous DJ's in the world have been invited to the club, such as: Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Ame, Alex Kenji, Jo Mills, Brandon Block, Alex P, Mr C, Smokin Jo, Fergie, Todd Terry...

St. Regis Bora Bora

St. Regis Bora Bora Resort Hotel - Bora Bora, Tahiti - Hotel information, room photos and great offers. Book with Classic Vacations

Just saying the name Bora Bora stirs the wanderlust in any traveler. With the debut of St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora in June 2006, this fabled archipelago in the South Pacific assumes a new magical luster, as blissful paradise and worldacclaimed luxury come together. Edged by powdery sands and a tranquil lagoon, our resort represents the epitome of carefree elegance. 100 exquisitely designed guest rooms are highlighted by overwater and beach villas, many with terrace whirlpools or private swimming pools.
The one, two and threebedroom villas range in size from 1,550 square feet to the resort's ultraluxurious 13,000square foot Royal Estate. Three delectable restaurants await you, including an overwater dining room, featuring Mediterranean and Pacific Fusion cuisine. For dreamy relaxation, there's a main pool with swimup bar and a romantic adult pool with private cabanas. Spa Miri Miri  on its own private lagoon island  offers a stateoftheart fitness center and an incomparable array of islandinspired indulgences. Rising in the distance, the towering majesty of Mount Otemanu is an everpresent symbol of the lofty luxury and impressively personalized service of St. Regis.
The celebrated St. Regis Butler ensures that everything is possible  from arranging an unforgettable day of yachting and diving, to supervising every detail of a lavish "at home" dinner with family and friends. In every way, St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora is the ultimate resort experience